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Edison Lucius

Man Slides Down Laundry Chute, Arrested

A man is arrested after he slid down a 3rd floor hotel laundry chute, injuring his head, he is arrested by the police...

Man Brings Knife To A Chainsaw Fight

A man pulls out a knife during an altercation, his opponent pulls out a chainsaw

Burglar Fries Chicken And Drinks Vodka

A drunk home invader is found frying chicken in homeowners kitchen

Homeless Man Steals A Forklift

A homeless man named barefoot takes a forklift for a spin

Man Drives Backwards With Suspended License

A man from Florida drives his Buick backward along a busy road, whilst his license is suspended

Woman With Drawn On Beard Robs Bank

The police have arrested a Californian woman of robbing a bank whilst wearing a drawn on fake beard

Police Called After Chicken Nuggets Not Cooked ...

A woman dials 911 after a restaurant did not cook her chicken nuggets quick enough

Pregnant Woman Has A Cupcake Fight With Her Bro...

A pregnant woman launches a cupcake at the brother after a disagreement, her brother allegedly beats her

Bank Robber Strips Naked And Throws Money

A bank robber $4,700 but a red dye pack exploded which made him strip naked and throw his earnings in the streets

Drunken Driver Hit 17 Cars Trying To Park

A driver driving whilst intoxicated managed to hit a total of 17 cars whilst he was trying to park his car