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Edison Lucius

Stolen Subaru Returned With Apology And Gas Mon...

A ladies stolen Subaru was returned after a someone took the wrong vehicle

Man Vs Panda

A Chinese man tries his hardest to impress women at a zoo but his efforts are thwarted by a wrestling panda

Canada's Immigration Website Crashes On Electio...

Canada's immigration website crashes on election night due to heavy traffic after a tipoff of Trump possibly winning

Man Claims To Be Vampire During Assault

A crazed man claims to be a Vampire whilst he attacks a grocery store worker

Mcdonald’s Introduces Nutella Burger

Mcdonalds has made a weird new invention, a burger filled to the brim with Nutella

Man Sprayed Axe Bodyspray Into Mouth During Dui...

Why? because the drunken driver wanted to cover himself head to toe with the perfume

Man Dissolved After Trying To Bathe In Yellowst...

A man dissolved after trying to bathe in the wrong hot spring in Yellowstone National Park

Thief Fails To Break In To Store

A man fails to break into convenience store despite throwing large rock

Woman Shoots At Overstaying House Guests

A Floridian woman gets tired of her loud house guests, so she pulls out a gun and begins to unload bullets into their...

Unhappy Customer Pulls Gun On Mcdonald’s Work...

A man unhappy with the quality of his meal pulls a gun on a McDonald's worker, he is later arrested at a burger king