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Howard Jerold

Man Steals $1,000 Tomahawk From Restaurant

CCTV footage catches a man stealing a $1000 tomahawk from a native American statue inside restaurant

Woman Makes A Bomb Threat To Stall Boyfriends U...

A woman calls the police to inform them of a bomb, in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from completing a urine test

Chinese Home Buyers Break Down Doors To Buy Apa...

CCTV footage has caught a river of Chinese homebuyers in a mad scramble to buy a sought after property

Shopkeeper Hides From Man With Cleaver In Shop ...

A shopkeeper called the police 7 times and waited 6 hours whilst there was a man with a meat cleaver terrorizing him ...

Man Shoots His Own Tire Out In Police Chase

Taylor Wade Parker shot his own tires out after a shot went off when he his shotgun out of the window

Traffic Jam As Man Rides Big Wheel

A man was spotted riding on a big wheel through Interstate 76 in Philadelphia

Snitches Sign Leads To Drug Dealers Arrest

Two women have been arrested on drug charges after they posted a sign on their door stating snitches will be searched

Man Slices Family Dog's Neck And Mouth

NIght time CCTV footage has caught a man slicing a family's dog neck and mouth through the front gate

Criminally Mischievous Man Terrorizes Neighbour...

Mark Posteraro, from Bolton landing, is the neighbor from hell, he puts dog poop on car seats! eww

Wife Attacks Husband For Cooking Potatoes For D...

hairstylist wife attacked her husband with a burrito and pair of scissors after he cooked potatoes for dinner

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