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Kelly Leroy

Lion Almost Eats Baby Live On Air

Warning no matter how well trained the lion, never hold a baby that close to a lion's mouth

Bank Robbers Stopped By The Door

Bank robbers entire robbery plans are stopped by an unlikely hero

Man Wearing A Dress Shoots Pharmacist

A man wearing a dress robs a pharmacy and then shoots the pharmacist

4-year-old Gets Head Stuck In Sofa

A curious 4-year-old boy gets his head stuck inside a hole in a sofa

Man Gets Stuck Between Buildings Trying To Impr...

The things men do to impress women can get kind of dangerous

Waiter Opens Fire After Fight With Customer

A Waiter at Little Red Barn Steakhouse shoots 3-times in the air after being put in a headlock by a customer

Lottery Thief Is Arrested After Trying Cash In ...

A man steals $10,000 worth of lottery tickets, he decides to cash in his wins but the store clerk becomes suspicious

Mother Saves Children In Gas Station Fire

A mother rescues her children as seen in the dramatic footage where her entire car is engulfed in flames

Thief Poos In The Middle Of Supermarket

A thief relieves himself in the middle of a supermarket, he steals toilet paper & soap to clean himself up after

2 Year Old Fined For Littering

A 2-year-old girl has been fined $75 for littering near her home

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