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Kelly Leroy

Cop Dragged During Traffic Stop

Police officer holds on to the window of suspects car as he drives away

Man Shoots At Pokemon Go Player Outside Of His ...

Man believes the two men waiting late night outside of his home to be burglars, turns out to be nerds

Pokemon Go Player Hits Car In Front Of Police

Pokemon Go player, plays Pokemon go whilst driving , crashes into car and the police catch the incident on bodycam

Trumps Plastic Wall

Trumps hall of fame star gets a miniature plastic border around it

Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger

A woman is spotted exiting her vehicle at a Safari when a tiger grabs her from behind and mauls her to death

Flash Mob Of Children Steal Candy From Store

A convenience store has been struck by a wave of unruly children who stole candy, soda, and ice cream

A Tornado Shreds Through Buildings

Terrifying footage shows a tornado tearing open buildings in an industrial area in Nothern Vietnam

Woman Wears 100 Layers Of Makeup

If you ever wondered what too much makeup looks like, well there's no need to wonder no more

Drunk 13-year-old Drives Grandma Home

A 13-year-old intoxicated boy is stopped whilst driving his drunk grandmother back home who's siiting in the back sea...

Late Passenger Chases Plane On Tarmac

Footage of a man who missed his flight trying to chase the stationed plane by running on the tarmac

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