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Kelly Leroy

Robber Given 40 Years Attempts To Fling Poo At ...

Ricky Hand whilst in court for a string of robberies attempts to fling poop at judge

Singapore's Boeing 777 Catches On Fire

Singapore Airline SQ368 caught fire after making an emergency landing

Very Nervous Man Commits Armed Robbery

Man's hand won't stop shaking whilst robbing a convenience store

Pregnant Lady Fights Back Wendys Drive-thru Att...

Pregnant Wendy's worker fight back attackers over argument involving straws

Man Shoves Bag Of Feces Down Woman's Pants

Suspected homeless man shoves a bag of poop down woman's pants in bizarre attack

Man Jumps Into River To Avoid Breathalyzer Test

A drunk Quebec man plunges himself into a river to escape the police

Illegal Immigrant Found In Suitcase Trying To E...

An Illegal Immigrant has been found inside a suitcase whilst being carried onto a train in Switzerland

Kidnapping Attempt In Front Of Mom

A kidnapper tries to take four-year-old girl in broad daylight in front of her mother

Peeping Tom Caught On Cam

Peeping Tom caught in Walmart trying to record underneath women's changing facility

Takeaway Owner Ignores Robber, Stops Robbery

Robber doesn't know what to do after the takeaway owner ignores him and serves another customer

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