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Kelly Leroy

Gamers Win A Cow In A Competition

Tunisian Couple win a cow after coming first in a mobile gaming competition for the app named "Bagra"

Man Fired Shot Into Bathroom When Person Took T...

Shaun Cummins was highly intoxicated when he fired a shot into a bathroom because the person inside was taking too lo...

Never Eat Corn With A Drill

Corn Drill Challenge goes wrong, as this woman hair gets yanked off of her head by the drill in a split second

Man Arrested After Teaching Dog Nazi Salute

Markus Meechan arrested after teaching girlfriend's pug a Nazi salute as a prank is now arrested for being racist

Budweiser Changes It's Name To America

Belgium Beer company has decided to change it's name to 'America' For the Summer

Domino’s Delivery Saves Customer’s Life Aft...

Kirk Alexander hadn't ordered his regular Domino's pizza in 11 days a delivery man came to check on him saving his li...

Villagers Band Together To Move House

Now this is what you call a team effort

Man Urinates On Holy Books In Hospital Synagogu...

CCTV footage has been released of a man urinating in a hospital synagogue located in Israel

Cow Attacks Two Men During Honor Killing

A minor girl is stabbed and killed by her father and uncle, the attacker are attacked by a cow

Worlds Largest Plane Lands In Australia

Crowds gathered to see the landing of Antonov An-225 Mriya in Perth

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