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Dannette Romy

Man Steals Car With Children Inside

A man who was evading the police stole a woman's car whilst her children were still inside

Mom Army Crawls Out Of Baby Room

A mother hilariously crawls out of her babies room army style in an attempt not to wake her little one up

Man Allegedly Shoots, Son Dead In Fight Over Ch...

A Floridian man shoots and kills his stepson after an argument over a chili dog

Do-gooder Unknowingly Helps Bank Robber In Geta...

A good samaritan unknowingly becomes bank robbers getaway driver, he later helps the police locate him

Taxi Driver Speeding Due To Smelly Flatulence O...

A taxi driver was caught by traffic police breaking the speed limit due to his customers breaking wind

Woman Dies Trying To Steal Clothes From Donatio...

A woman gets here arm stuck inside a donation box in an attempt to steal clothes and shoes

Gang Transform Old Toyotas Into Fake Ferraris

A Spanish gang has been caught trying to sell old Toyotas which have been made to look-a-like Ferraris and Lamborghin...

Husband Stabs Wife's Boyfriend, They All Live T...

Husband stabs his roommate/wife's boyfriend after an argument with his wife turned violent

Man Makes Up A Robbery To Get Out Of Work

A man allegedly made a false report to the police claiming he got robbed so he didn't have to go to work

Vegan Crashes Into Chicken Truck On Purpose

A vegan has admitted to crashing into a truck on purpose as it was carrying chicken

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