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Man Riding On Hood Of Car Speeding 70mph

Twitter user records a man on the hood of a car traveling down the I-95 going at speeds of 70mph

Man riding on the hood on highway
A man riding on the hood on the highway, @danimidah/Twitter

On Sunday, June 24th, an unknown man was hanging on to the hood of a vehicle traveling at 70 mph whilst an unknown woman was at the wheel, the incident occurred on the I-95, Florida.

Daniel Midah recorded the incident and uploaded the footage to Twitter. The man can be clinging on the fast traveling vehicle with one hand whilst speaking on a cell phone with the other. the woman driving remains oblivious to the man clinging on to the vehicle and carries on driving.

Daniel added to his Tweet, "When she says she’s done with you but you’re not really done with her #onlyinflorida".

In an interview Daniel told Local 10 News, "He didn't even look like he was freaked out by what was going on, but I was freaking out, all I was thinking is, this guy is going to slide off and hit me, slide off the other side or, if anything, he is going to slide down and she is going to hit him, and then she is going to crash into somebody else."

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