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Burglar Records His Own Robbery, Shows Police

A driver recorded his own robbery on his dashcam, he showed police the footage to clear his name of a car crash

Xavier Inocencio Moran
Xavier Inocencio Moran, Palm Beach County Jail

On Saturday, April 7th, 25-year-old man Xavier Inocencio Moran, of Royal Palm Beach, Florida,  was struck by a series of unfortunate incidents which led to him being arrested for burglary charges, the footage of which he supplied to the police himself.

The Palm Beach Post reported that on April 7th, Xavier was initially arrested after he had allegedly drawn a gun and pointed it at his father and brother, he had threatened his brother that he would shoot him. the police arrived and arrested Xavier, he tried t make an escape but was already handcuffed at the time. Xavier was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count each of battery, resisting an officer without violence and escape.

Whilst he was being interviewed by the police, he told them that he had received the bruising and scars on his face form a car crash after he was cut off by another vehicle, he told the police that he could prove it as everything was recorded by his dashboard camera, He gave his camera to the police and was released the next day on Sunday under court-ordered supervision.

The dashcam recording revealed that 3 hours prior to the original car crash on Belvedere Road, the footage showed his 2014 Nissan parked in front of Sally Beauty Supply Store just off of North State Road 7. It the revealed Xavier taking a bat form his trunk and using it to break the glass on the front door and burglarizing the beauty shop.

On Tuesday, April 10th Xavier Inocencio Moran was rearrested and charged with possession of burglary tools and burglary of a dwelling. He has been booked into West Detention Centre and is being held with a bond of $5,000.

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