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Woman Forgets To Put Car In Park, Car Rolls Into Pool With Husband, Child Inside

A woman gives a new meaning to the word carpool, as she forgets to put her vehicle in park leaving her loved ones in warm water

Woman forgets to put car in park, car rolls into pool with husband, child inside
Car-pool, Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

On Tuesday, March 27th, a woman from Okaloosa Island, Florida,  left her family in warm water as she forgot to put her car in park, causing her vehicle to roll into a nearby swimming pool.

The mom had parked her car near the swimming pool and ran back to her apartment to grab some money, unfortunately, her money was not the only thing she had forgotten, she had mistakenly not put her vehicle in park. her husband and daughter were in the vehicle as it began to roll towards the swimming pool.

The police responding to the "car in pool" incident at approximately 2 pm, they stated, "All parties are ok," as the husband and daughter managed to escape unharmed.

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