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Man Caught Red Handed, His Arm Stuck In Church Donation Box

A man was caught by the police as he got his hand stuck in the church donation box, he needed money to fuel his drug habit

Charles Christopher Hinckley arm stuck church donation box
Charles Christopher Hinckley, Indian River County Sheriff's Office

On Saturday, March 24th, 34-year-old Charles Christopher Hinckley was caught literally red-handed as his bloodied hand was found stuck in a church's donation box.

According to the arrest affidavit, the Vero Police Department were called to the Trinity Episcopal Church at approximately 09:50 pm after they were informed of a man who got his arm stuck in the church drop box. Charles, who works for the church as a maintenance person, was found by the police red-handed with his right arm bleeding whilst it was stuck in the donation box.

The officer at the scene asked Charles how he managed to get into such a predicament, Charles spontaneously replied, that he "messed up" and stated, "I tried to steal money in the box for drugs". The Emergency Medical Services were contacted to aid in freeing Charles arm from the dropbox.

Father Christopher Rodriguez, of the Trinity Episcopal Church, reported the drop box of having $300 in cash and cheques.

Charles was transported to the hospital where he was further questioned by the police, he decided to waive his Miranda rights and told the officers that he had stolen from the drop box over 5 times before. he went on to reveal that he also stole equipment and tools form the church and pawned them for extra cash, he had also used a credit card and bought copper to sell to scrap yards.

Charles Christopher Hinckley was charged with a felony burglary and booked into Indian River County Jail without bond.

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