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Man Steals Woman's Shorts, Waves Over Head

A man allegedly disrobed a jogging woman and ran away with her shorts whilst waving them over his head

man steals woman's shorts, waves over head
Composite Sketch Of Suspected Shorts Thief, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

On Saturday, February 24th, a woman jogging through Northdale-Lake Park Trail, Lutz, Florida, was disrobed of her shorts, whilst the suspect fled as he waved her garments over his head.

At approximately 3:45 pm, a woman who was out jogging westbound near the exit of the Lake Park Trail towards her home. The attacker approached from behind and pushed the victim to the ground, he began to disrobe her pulling off her shorts. After taking off her shorts he ran eastbound o the trail whilst he waved her shorts above his head.

Corporal Larry McKinnon of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said "Anyone that knocks you down and pulls your pants off, it doesn't take much to start figuring out what's a potential next step in that particular type of scenario, If it's going to be a robbery, they take some type of valuables, In this case, it's a very bizarre set of circumstances. He just knocks her down, takes her shorts and then goes off running into the woods."

The victim sustained several abrasions and bruising as a result of the attack.

The suspect is described as a White male, 25-30 years, 5'10”, 200-230 lbs., stocky build had brown hair. Last seen wearing dark gray "Columbia style" style short sleeve button shirt, Khaki shorts, black Nike athletic shoes, two-tone baseball cap, mirrored aviator-style sunglasses

The suspect may be connected to a similar incident from Jan 30th where a suspect grabbed a female by the arm and fled on foot. 

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