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Man Breaks Into A Garage To Make A Cup Of Coffee

A man broke into a strangers garage and made a cup of coffee, the homeowner discovered him inside enjoying his fresh brew

Raymond Eugene Furr
Raymond Eugene Furr, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

On Sunday, January 28th, caffeine-deprived 51-year-old Raymond Eugene Furr was arrested after he broke into a home, so he could make a fresh cup of coffee.

The incident occurred approximately at 7:16 pm, on 124th Avenue, Treasure Island, Florida. The homeowner arrived back to his house and noticed that his garage had been damaged and pried open.

The homeowner entered his garage, turned on the lights and discovered Raymond standing by the coffee machine making himself a fresh brew. once spotted Raymond ran out the garage and escaped the scene. Less than an hour since the break-in, Treasure Island police officers managed to locate and apprehend Raymond.

Raymond Eugene Furr was arrested and charged with armed burglary(due to him having scissors in his front pocket), criminal mischief and petty theft of less than $300.

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