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8 Bizarre Fashion Trends The World Saw In 2017

Check out the following list of trends compiled by guys behind

8 Bizarre Fashion Trends the World Saw in 2017

The age of designers is dead. The age of crazy fashion is on the rise. Average people, not very interested in fashion, just raise their eyebrows when they suddenly see the fashion “victims” on the streets. But those who want to be trendy are ready to go to all extremes just to keep up with the ever-changing fashion. If you want to know why people around you wear strange clothes and shoes, check out the following list of trends compiled by guys behind Maybe the guy wearing dirty jeans was not a sloven but a trendy person.

Hitler T-shirts

In Bangkok, Hitler became popular again. No, not his ideology. Perhaps, the Thai in their pristine territories, don’t have the slightest idea of the doctrine of fascism. However, the T-shirts with a swastika and Hitler-related prints became a new trend last year. There are pictures of Hitler depicted as a Pokémon or McDonald’s worker. The rest of the world is quite skeptical about this Thai trend.

Pointed Elf Shoes
Pointed Elf Shoes

Pointed elf shoes

In Mexico, elf shoes are worn by real men. The longer the toe the better. Of course, they may resemble the skis but who are we to say it’s ugly, especially after elf sneakers and shoes appeared on catwalks at Paris Fashion Week last fall.



The blend of words ‘men’ and ‘leggings’, meggings have been in trend since 2013. And they’ve won a quite large male audience. Strong shoulders and thin legs – this is how it looks. No pockets is a minus but comfort and warmth are the advantages. Although meggings lack masculinity, they continue to be trendy.

Rompers for men

Have you noticed that garments typically worn by women tend to become popular among men? In 2017, a new product named Romphim (men’s rompers) appeared in online shops. Money for production was raised on the platform Kickstarter, which means people liked the idea. However, the reactions of folks on social media were very mixed. This new garment caused a wave of jokes, naturally.

Eye jewelry

Eyes are the part of the body people pay attention to most often. Girls know it, that is why they do eye-makeup, extend their lashes, etc. It’s possible to use colorful contact lenses to attract even more attention to one’s eyes. However, fashionistas in Denmark went further. They adorn their eyes with jewelry. They get small pieces of jewelry implanted on eyeballs. This trend quickly spread across Europe and other continents.

Eye tattooing

If you don’t like the color of your eyes, you can change it with the help of contact lenses. But what if you don’t like that boring white color of your eyeballs? Get them tattooed! The trickiest part is that it’s for good. Some freaks paint their eyeballs their favorite color. There are already the cases when people lost their seeing after this procedure.


You don’t need bikini. Facekini is more important on the beach! Knowing that Chinese women are afraid of getting tanned and want to keep their skin naturally milky white, a Chinese guy designed a special piece of beachwear – a kind of balaclava that covers the entire head and has holes for eyes, nose, and mouth. It appeared in 2004, and now nearly 30,000 items are sold each year.

Hybrid jeans

2017 saw many variations of jeans. One of them is with transparent patches on knees. There were also transparent pants and thong jeans. Bikini jeans could be a dream for the girls back in the 2000s when it was so trendy to wear jeans with low waist and high-waisted bikini. Perhaps the designers kept that trend in mind when creating this kind of jeans. Although not hybrid, muddy jeans could be seen on fashion catwalks last year.

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