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Drunken Man Pees All Over Plane

An inebriated man urinates all over a Spirit Airline's planes carpet, he is quickly apprehended

Dante John Bencivenga
Dante John Bencivenga, Lee County Sheriff's Office

On Thursday, January 5th, 58-year-old Dante John Bencivenga of Fort Myers, Florida, boarded a Spirit airlines flight at Southwest Florida International Airport, he was quickly kicked off the flight when he peed all over the carpet.

Lee County Port Authority Police reported, at approximately 9 pm spirit airline workers noticed Dante sleeping whilst waiting for his flight, they noted that there was a heavy smell of alcohol coming from him.

Once the plane was ready for departure, Dante boarded the plane headed to Michigan. Before the plane could take off, Dante decided to use the plane's toilet, reports were made from the flight attendant to the gate agent that a passenger had peed all over the toilet as well as the floor of the airplane.

Dante was asked by the airline staff to disembark from the plane, reports reveal that Dante became belligerent and went into a drunken rage as he began to curse as he exited the plane.

The police arrived and were met by Spirit Airlines supervisor Stephen Gary Harris, he informed the police of the incident, Dante blurted out, “stop telling lies,”. Dante requested the police give him a breathalyzer test as he did not believe he was inebriated, the police denied his request, as the report revealed “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him.”

The spirit airline's agent stated he was re-booked on a flight for the next day, he became even more agitated and began screaming and yelling at the agents. he then told the police, “Put the bracelets on me.”

Dante John Bencivenga was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly intoxication in a public place. he was booked into Lee County Jail and held with a $2,250 bond.

Dante Missed his flight the next day as he was told not to return to airport property for one year.

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