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Hamburglar Climbs Through The Mcdonalds Drive Thru Window

A viral video shows a woman climbing through a drive-thru window, she manages to steal food, a drink, and money

Jessica Marie Cross Hamburglar
Jessica Marie Cross, Howard County Police

On Sunday, November 5th, A video of 27-year-old Jessica Marie Cross went viral as the footage showed her climbing through a drive-thru window and robbing the Mcdonalds located in Columbia, Howard County, Maryland.

The incident began at approximately 1 am, Jessica is seen in the security footage of the McDonalds located on the 8300 block of Benson Drive. Jessica begin s the robbery by prying open the drive-thru window she takes a peek inside before reaching inside and pouring her drink using the fountain. seeing that the coast was clear she climbs through the window and spend around 35 minutes inside the fast food restaurant stealing a variety of items.

The police report reveals, "Police believe Cross stole cash, a purse, food items and Happy Meal toys while in the business, she is seen on video attempting to disable the surveillance system, wipe her fingerprints from the area and wash the cash drawers to remove her fingerprints.” It was later revealed that Jessica stole $1,400.

The footage began to circulate social media, investigators offered a reward of $500 to whoever could locate the person in the footage. Soon after Jessica was found to be the culprit in the videos after several people provided information, she turned herself in and was arrested on Thursday, November 16th.

Jessica Marie Cross was charged with burglary and theft, she is being held in Howard County Detention Center

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