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Naked Burglar, Breaks Into Home, Tries Womans Clothes

Joseph Vaglica broke into a woman's home in the nude, tries on her clothes and rolls round in the mud

Joseph Vaglica
Joseph Vaglica, Volusia County Corrections

On Tuesday, November 7th, 40-year-old Joseph Vaglica, of Edgewater, Florida, was arrested for breaking into a woman's home whilst naked, he also managed to try on her clothes before the police arrived.

The New Smyrna Beach police arrived at around 10 am, as they arrived at the scene they spotted a man wearing women's clothing rolling around on the lawn outside of a home on Turnbull Bay Road. The victim reported what happened to the police, earlier she heard a car speeding up her long drive towards her house, the car slowed to a halt and out the vehicle sprung Joseph, completely butt-naked.

Joseph entered the house through the open garage and ran into the kitchen. the woman saw Joseph running through the kitchen acting very "irrational" he went into her bedroom and tried on her clothes, frightened, she fled her home and ran into his stepsons home next door.

Joseph, soon after followed the victim and stood outside the victim's stepson's home, the victim's stepson grabbed a pistol just in case Joseph attempted to break in. Joseph began to roll around on the grass until the police arrived.

Joseph Vaglica was arrested and charged a felony of burglary with assault or battery, he was booked into Volusia County Branch Jail and held on a  $25,000 bail.

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