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Woman Throws Hot Nacho Cheese At 7 Eleven Worker

After an argument with an 7 Eleven worker, she later returned and launched a nacho cheese attack against the employee

Stephanie Lynn Hicks
Stephanie Lynn Hicks, Brevard County Sheriffs Office

On Thursday, October 12th, 31-year-old Stephanie Lynn Hicks, from  Melbourne, Florida, was arrested after throwing hot nacho cheese over a 7-Eleven employee after she claims the worker had an attitude when she spoke to her.

Stephanie entered the convenience store located on 1268 Aurora Rd, at approximately 1:50 am. Stephanie claimed she entered the store for a sandwich and a hot cup of nacho cheese, as she was pouring her nacho cheese in to a cup, 7-Eleven clerk Ann Marie Laflamme told Stephanie not top open the nacho cheese dispenser, Stephanie claims that the worker spoke to her with an attitude, which sparked an argument where the suspect called the store clerk several names.

When Hicks approached the till the employee denied her service. Stephanie then hurled her sandwich and hot nacho cheese at Ann Marie, she was left covered in hot yellow nacho cheese on her hands, her foot, and on the floor behind the register. Ann Marie informed Stephanie that she would be calling the police.

The police arrived and spotted Stephanie Lynn Hicks standing at the front of the store, she was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. She was taken to Brevard County Jail and held for a day before being released.

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