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Ex-kfc Worker, Robbing Store, Recognised By Employees

Ex-coworkers ask the man,'Cleveland, is that you?', suspect replies 'No, it's not me,'

Cleveland Contravis Willis
Cleveland Contravis Willis, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 28-year-old Cleveland Contravis Willis, from Baton Rouge Louisiana, was suspected of conducting a robbery of a KFC, he was recognised as a ex-worker of the fast food eatery by his former co-workers.

The two victims at the incident told the police that a man entered the KFC on Perkins Road, pointed a gun to the head of one of the workers  and demanded money from the till, the worker recognised the voice behind the mask and asked  “Cleveland, is that you?” the suspect replied to the worker, “No, it’s not me.”

The victim claimed  that he worked with Cleveland for months and could recognise his facial features through the holes in his ski mask. The workers handed over $612 from the cash register.

The robbery suspect made his getaway in a silver Nissan Altima, the same car the fast food workers claim the Cleveland used to drive.

A warrant was put out for the arrest of the robbery suspect, who was caught a week later. Cleveland Contravis Willis was arrested and charged with armed robbery, he booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

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