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Burglary Suspect Claims To Be Captain Jack Sparrow

Man dressed as a pirate claiming to be Captain Jack Sparrow is arrested for burglary

Brian Francis Zielinski
Brian Francis Zielinski, Sequatchie County Jail

On Saturday, September 30th, pirate-costume-wearing 28-year-old, Brian Francis Zielinski, was arrested after burglarizing a home in Dunlap, Florida, before claiming to be "Captain Jack Sparrow".

Brian, who goes by the alias “Captain Jack Sparrow” and is a member of the Hells Angels gang was over at a friends house in Poplar Street. Brian was wearing a black pirate hat, a black vest, brown jacket and red gloves, witnesses have stated that he had been wearing similar pirate attire around the town for a number of weeks. His friends in the house asked him to leave their property because he was acting crazy.

At approximately 11:05 p.m, Brian refused to leave the property so his friends called the police. The police arrived at the property and Brian managed to gain entrance back into the home through a downstairs window. Brian was refusing to cooperate with the police, he was tasered before being taken to jail.

Brian Francis Zielinski was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary and resisting arrest, he is being held in Sequatchie County Jail.

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