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Man Dials Wrong Number, Offers Weed To Police

Hasan Burke tries to sell marijuana to a police officer after texting a wrong number

Hasan Burke
Hasan Burke, Brevard County Jail

On Saturday, September 23rd, 20-year-old Hasan Burke from Palm Bay Florida attempted to set up a drug deal to sell some marijuana to his regular customer, little did he know that he dialed the wrong number and tried to sell weed to a police officer.

The incident occurred when Hasan contacted one of his regular clients with the message reading “Hey Jen lmk rf u need any trees” followed with an emoji sign of a marijuana leaf, Hasan mistakenly sent the message to a wrong number, the number he texted the message to belonged to a police officer.

The officer and Hasan texted each other back and forth before they agreed on the meetup, the deal was that the officer would bring a scale to weigh the marijuana and Hasan would bring marijuana totaling $50, they agreed to meet up at sum of $50 in the 100 block of Cutlass Street NE, and Hasan described himself to the officer as a man walking his dog.

Hasan made it to the meetup point and was very surprised to be arrested by the police. The officer confirmed he got the right guy, "It should be noted that Burke was the only person walking on the block during this time,”.

After finding 16 grams worth of marijuana Hasan Burke was arrested and taken to the Palm Bay Police Department, he was charged with Marijuana Possession, Drug Paraphernalia, and a felony of Marijuana Possession With Intent To Sell. Hasan was held in Brevard County Jail until he posted his $3,000 the next day.

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