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Homeless Man Shot By Porsche Driver After Asking To Turn Down Music

A woman allegedly shot a homeless man after he requested her to turn down her music so he could sleep

Katie Quackenbush, Metro Nashville Police Department

26-year-old Katie Quackenbush has been charged with attempted murder of a 54-year-old homeless man, Gerald Melton, the incident happened near Music Row located in Nashville, Tennesse.

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 26th, at 3 am  Gerald was sleeping near 19th Avenue South and Chet Atkins place. His sleep was disturbed by the exhaust fumes and loud music coming from Quackenbush's Porsche SUV. Gerald approached the Porsche and requested Katie to move her vehicle. An argument ensued, Quackenbush got out the vehicle and began to yell back and forth with Gerald.

Katie brought out her pistol and shot at Gerald twice before running away with another woman.

Gerald Melton was critically wounded, he is currently being housed and treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Katie's father, Jesse Quackenbush, released a statement, disputing that her daughter acted in self-defense.

Katie Quackenbush was arrested and charged with attempted murder, she posted her $25,000 bond on Monday.

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