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Prisoner Leaving Jail Punches Officer, Goes Back In

A prisoner punched a correctional officer after a 9-month stint, he was placed back into his jail cell after the assault

Marcus Colon
Marcus Colon, Hamden Police Department

23-year-old Marcus Colon, of Stamford, Connecticut, was a free man for almost a minute, after completing his 9-month stay at Bridgeport Correctional Center, he launched an attack at a correctional center that landed him right back behind bars.

Marcus, who had just completed a 9-month long stay at the corrections center for multiple counts of larceny, was called out of his cell, the officers confirmed his freedom and excorted him to the front doors.

As Marcus made his way towards the front door, one of the officers offered a piece of advice to Mr. Colon, “Don’t come back,”. Marcus did not take to the words of wisdom too kindly, he turned around and swung at the correctional officer. 

A number of correctional officers grappled Marcus to the ground and subdued him with pepper spray before dragging him back to his cell.

Marcus Colon was re-arrested and charged with interfering with an officer, assault on a public safety officer, breach of peace and disorderly conduct.

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