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Drunken Driver Hit 17 Cars Trying To Park

A driver driving whilst intoxicated managed to hit a total of 17 cars whilst he was trying to park his car

Tony Michael Fulch
Tony Michael Fulch, Osceola County Jail

On Friday, August 18th 25-year-old Tony Michael Fulch was allegedly drunk driving in Championsgate, Florida, he tried to park his car in an apartment complex and managed to hit 17 cars in the process.

At approximately 4 am Tony drove back in his blue 2003 Chevrolet Blazer to his apartment complex. Once he was outside he rammed through the front gate of the now unfortunately titled The Gate Apartments, located on 1550 Calder Boulevard.

Tony, now in the car park, tried multiple times to park his SUV, driving forward and reversing back managing to hit a total of 17 vehicles in the process of trying to find the perfect parking spot.

The next day the drivers discovered the damages to their vehicles and managed to find the suspected vehicle to be the crookedly parked blue blazer owned by Tony. The police arrived at Tony's apartment and asked him to take a breathalyzer test, Tony refused.

Tony Michael Fulch was arrested and charged 7 counts of DUI and Damage to property as well as resisting arrest. He is being held in Osceola County Jail on a bond valued at $9,250

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