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Bank Robber Strips Naked And Throws Money

A bank robber $4,700 but a red dye pack exploded which made him strip naked and throw his earnings in the streets

Alexander Hayden Sperber
Alexander Hayden Sperber, Broward Sheriff's Office

On Tuesday, July 25th, 25-year-old Alexander Hayden Sperber robbed a Regions Bank branch at 100 SE Third Ave, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he ran out with a bag of money, but bizarrely stripped naked and threw his stolen cash around the street.

At approximately 3:06 pm Alexander parked his red Ford Mustang outside of the bank. he entered the bank and walked towards one of the bank tellers, he extended his index finger and made the shape of a pistol and pointed it at the cashier. Alexander claimed he had a gun and that he would hurt her and others if his demands weren't met.

The Bank teller obliged to Alexanders demand and placed $4,700 into a bag and handed it to the perpetrator. As Alexander escaped with the cash he checked inside the bag, the bag included a red dye pack which exploded and splattered red paint on himself and his stolen money. Alexander began to strip naked in the middle of the street, he then threw his stolen money, attracting attention from onlookers.

Alexander was quickly apprehended, he told an FBI agent after questioning, that he woke up that morning and he “decided to rob a bank, flee by running naked down the street while throwing the money stolen during the bank robbery to people, in order to begin his career as a comedian,”

Alexander Hayden Sperber was arrested and charged with bank robbery, currently, he has not been set a bond.

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