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Man Threatens Lawmaker On Facebook

A Florida man is arrested after he threatens a politician on social media

Steve St. Felix
Steve St. Felix, Miami-Dade Corrections

On Sunday, June 25th, 34-year-old Steve St. Felix threatened the life of 37-year-old Republican State Representative Jose Felix Diaz on Facebook.

Miami-Dade resident Steve wrote on Jose's Facebook page, "I’ll kill your ass and you better not show up to the next REC meeting", he quickly deleted the message soon after it was posted. Jose read the message before it was deleted and informed the police of the threat.

On Monday Miami-Dade Police located and apprehended Steve, they asked why he had threatened the lawmaker, he replied that he was “fed up” with the Republican Party. He also made that claim that he hadn't taken his medication when he made his threat.

Steve St. Felix was arrested and charged of making written threats to kill or do bodily injury, he is being held in Miami-Dade Corrections, without bond.

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