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Woman With Drawn On Beard Robs Bank

The police have arrested a Californian woman of robbing a bank whilst wearing a drawn on fake beard

Jennifer Rae McClary
Jennifer Rae McClary, Danville Police Department

On Tuesday, May 23rd, 36-year-old Jennifer Rae McClary was arrested after it was identified to be the woman with a drawn on beard robbing, Bank of the west located on Diablo road, Danville, California.

 At approximately 9:10 am Jennifer, who was wearing a drawn on beard, walked into the branch office and up to the teller. The male-costumed suspect handed the teller a note, which demanded money. McClary got her money, escaped the robbery, fled at an intersection and headed towards West El Pintado Road.

The Danville Police department released a description of the bank robber, as white, 5’ 08”, slender build, with what appeared to be a painted on beard, wearing black pants, black shirt and a camouflage backpack. Jennifer was later apprehended.

Jennifer Rae McClary was arrested and charged with robbery and possession of a controlled substance.

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