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Man Wears Creepy Clown Mask And Scares Motorists

A man has been charged after he was reported to be wearing a clown mask and jumping into traffic scaring motorists

Kevin Wayne Hancock, West Virginia State Police

On Thursday, May 18th, 45-year-old Kevin Wayne Hancock was running back and forth on Witcher Creek Road, located in Belle, West Virginia, scaring passing motorists.

On the evening of Thursday Kevin was wearing a creepy clown mask and running around across the road waiting for passing motorist so he could jump out an give them a fright. A police officer caught wind of Kevin's antics and approached the mask wearer. The police officer asked the costumed suspect why he was wearing the mask but Kevin did not have a reason for his behavior.

Kevin was searched, the officer found crystal meth, a painkiller and marijuana.

Kevin Wayne Hancock was arrested and received a number of drug charges as well as a charge of violating of the state’s mask law. Kevin is being held in the South Central Regional Jail on a $5,000 bond.

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