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Cocaine Smuggler Bribes Police With Taco Bell

A man with bags of cocaine in his car bribes a police officer with free Taco Bell, the police officer passes on his offer

Eric Xavier Vela Arriaga, Pasco Police Department

On Thursday, May 11th, 27-year-old Eric Xavier Vela Arriaga was driving with bags of cocaine in his car through Pasco, Washington, when he was stopped by the police, he had a delectable proposition for the arresting officer.

At approximately 2 am Pasco Police Department's Officer Joshua Glass pulled over a black Honda Accord near Road 68 for a minor equipment violation. When the officer approached the vehicle he noticed the driver had hidden bags of a substance behind his phone on the center console.

The officer questioned eric about the bags and he admitted the bags containing cocaine residue, he then proceeded to request the officer with a 'Hook Up' at the local taco bell if he forgot about the drugs. Officer Glass thanked Eric for the offer but declined his proposition.

Eric Xavier Vela Arriaga was arrested on charges of Possession of Cocaine With Intent to Deliver and possibly charged with Attempted Bribery, he is being held in Franklin County Jail.

Eric's vehicle was later searched more thoroughly and officers discovered more baggies of cocaine.

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