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Man Drives Backwards With Suspended License

A man from Florida drives his Buick backward along a busy road, whilst his license is suspended

 Donald Edward Miller Jr, Hernando County Sheriff's Office

If you haver ever drove with a suspended license, one rule for all fellow lawbreakers is to be as covert as possible, the suspect of this news story did not follow this rule.

On Wednesday night, May 10th, 37-year-old Donald Edward Miller Jr drove his car backward due reverse being the only gear that worked, whilst having a suspended license in Brooksville Florida.

Donald was driving his silver, 2003 4-door Buick, which he had recently purchased, he was driving the car in reverse gear along  Mariner Boulevard. Sergeant William Hillman in a press release stated that he "could not believe his eyes", when he saw the back of Donald's car driving on the correct side of the road, heading northbound. Hillman states, "Just so everyone is still with us on this, The vehicle was traveling in the correct lane, going in the correct direction, it was just going backwards [sic]." 

The vehicle crossed Cortez Boulevard an eight lane intersection before being pulled over. As the Police officer pulled over the driver, Donald immediately stated that his driver's license had been suspended. Donald said his license had been suspended as he didn't pay his traffic fines and he was driving backward as the reverse gear was the only one which would work in the car he just bought.

 Donald Edward Miller Jr was cited for Knowingly driving whilst having a suspended license, and was given a $1,000 bond. 

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