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Man Arrested After Using Deodorant In Store

A man was arrested after using store items within the store not realizing that he had to pay for them

Dale Reynolds, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

On Tuesday, April 18th, 70-year-old Dale Reynolds felt right at home at a Target located on the 20th Street in Vero Beach, Florida, he walked in, sprayed himself with some deodorant, cologne and then placing the items back on the shelf, all while having a sip of an alcohol beverage paid for by Target.

Th incident began when Dale entered Target went in grabbed a drink drunk the drink and left the store. He later returned placed his bicycle on top of a shopping cart and proceeded to knock items off of shelves.

Dale groomed himself in the outlet making sure he smelt amazing, by spraying himself with a can of deodorant and cologne before placing both items back on the shelf. 

He gathered tools took them out of their packaging and began repairing his bicycle before hiding the tools he used back n shelves around the store.

The police arrived and questioned Dale who claimed that he intended to pay for the items he used but he only had 26 cents on him. He attempted to call a friend who he claimed would be able to pay for the items but she did not answer his call.

Dave Reynolds was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

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