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Cheerleader Lies About Stolen Uniform

A cheerleader fakes a robbery so that she doesn't have to return her cheer uniform back to her school

Gina Nicole Torrijos, El Paso Police Department

On Saturday, April 15th, 18-year-old Gina Nicole Torrijos lied to the police claiming her house had been burgled and that the robbery suspect had stolen her cheerleading outfit.

At 2:00 am Gina contacted the police and reported that her home, located at 1700 block of Shawna Laurine Court, El Paso, Texas, had been burglarized. she claimed the robbery suspect had stolen her two cheerleading uniforms, which is the property of Riverside High School.

She claimed that her boyfriend spotted the intruder trying to get into her bedroom window, he proceeded to give chase through Gina's backyard but the suspect managed to escape. She also told the police that the intruder texted her from an unknown number stating that he stole both her cheerleading outfits.

Her neighbors were asked about the robbery and claimed not to have spotted or heard anything.

The school coach claimed that Gina handed in one of her uniforms to the school on the 15th the same day that she claimed that her uniform was stolen.

On Sunday, on April 21st Gina admitted that she made up the story in an attempt to keep her cheerleading uniform, she wrote in a written confession, "she made up the story of the Burglary of Habitation to cover the fact that she wanted to avoid turning in her cheer uniforms to the school,".

Gina Nicole Torrijos was arrested and charged with suspicion of making a false report to a peace officer, she was released from jail on a $5,000 bond.

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