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Man Asks Police To Arrest Him For Drunk Driving

A drunk driving man pulls himself over and requests police to arrest him and charge him with a DUI

Eric H. Smallwood
Eric H. Smallwood, Indian River County Jail

On Friday, 28th April, 43-year-old Eric H. Smallwood was driving around Vero Beach, Florida, with a guilty conscience, he was drunk driving and felt the need to report the incident to a police officer.

Eric pulled himself over behind and officer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation. He approached the officer and asked the officer if he wanted to make the arrest. The officer shocked at eric question, Eric followed the question up with a confession, “I’m drunk,”, indicating that he had been driving whilst drunk.

The officer proceeded to issue Eric a field sobriety tasks and a breath test, both of which he agreed to.

The officer described Eric in a police report explaining that eric swayed when he stood, he had glassy eyes, stunk of a strong odor of alcohol but was laughing and very cooperative.

Eric H. Smallwood was arrested and charge with a DUI, he was booked into Indian River County Jail

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