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Homeless Man Steals A Forklift

A homeless man named barefoot takes a forklift for a spin

Bradley Barefoot
Bradley Barefoot, Daytona Beach Police Department

On Saturday Morning, April 22nd, 43-year-old Bradley Barefoot stole a forklift from the back of the Best Buy and took it for a spin, as well as taking it for a ride, he tested it out by moving some large boxes from Best Buy to a car park nearby.

At approximately 4 am, Bradley was spotted driving the 11-ton vehicle around the rear of the best buy located, 1900 West International Speedway Boulevard, in Daytona Each, Florida. Bradley drove the forklift, picked up some large boxes up from Best Buy moved them to a car park 0.2 miles away outside Bob Evans.

The forklift valued at $45,000 did not have any lights and was not considered street legal.

The police were called to the scene and apprehended Barefoot, he told the police he wanted to drive because it was better than walking. He also said he didn't steal anything as he inspected the boxes, but determined they had no value so he left them in the parking lot. 

Bradley Barefoot was arrested and charged with Grand Theft, he was taken to Volusia County Branch Jail and held on a $5,000 bail.

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