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Angry Man Destroys 7 Eleven When His Credit Card Is Denied

A man shopping for candy throws a fit after his credit card is rejected, he causes $700 worth of damage to the store

7-Eleven angry customer credit card
Angry Customer, The Santa Ana Police Department

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2017, an unidentified angry customer walked into a 7-Eleven based, in Santa Ana, California, he threw a fit at the workers and destroyed parts of the store when his credit card was denied. 

The surveillance footage of the incident was released by the Santa Ana Police Department yesterday. The footage shows the suspect, who intended to buy a pack of M&Ms approach the cash register already noticeably irate from his abrupt hand gestures. 

The footage goes on to show the man yelling at the cashier whilst pointing randomly.

His credit card is denied and his inability to purchase candy from the store sends him in a fit of rage. The suspect leans over the counter and strikes the cashier on top of his head, he follows the assault by destroying the cash register and the other equipment near the machine. Before exiting the store he knocks over a stand of bananas before knocking over the second register. The Police report states that the suspect caused $700 of damage to the store’s registers and printers. 

The Santa Ana Police Department have provided a description of the suspect: Male White, 30-35 years, 5'10" - 5'11" tall, 180 - 200 lbs., medium to heavy build, short black natural hair, light complexion, Clothing: black RX glasses, green Fleece sweatshirt, blue denim/jeans. If you have any information regarding the incident or suspect you are advised to contact Investigator Laura Delisle at (714) 245-8647 or email

When caught the angry customer will be charged with Battery on Person and Vandalism: Damage of Property.

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