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Man Throws Steel-toe Boot At Police

A man has been arrested after he was pepper-sprayed and threw a steel toed boot at a police officer

Donovan Jarrod Poole, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

On Sunday, March 26th, 23-year-old Donovan Jarrod Poole was arrested after police arrived at an apartment complex to handle a domestic dispute, a steel toed boot was allegedly thrown at a police officer by the suspect. 

At midnight on Saturday, the police received a distress call from Donovan's girlfriend of a domestic disturbance. The police arrived at the couple's apartment located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and spotted Donovan sitting on the porch, he told the police he had been maced.

The girlfriend stated that Donovan had grabbed her by the hair and thrown her to the ground, in self-defense, she pepper-sprayed him in the face and escaped.

While the police were investigating the incident, Donovan threw his steel toed boot at one of the officer's, striking him in the arm. The boot left a small bruise on the left arm of the investigating officer. The police discovered a small bottle of glue filled with heroin in the pant leg pocket belonging to Donovan.

Donovan Jarrod Poole was arrested, he was charged with battery, aggravated battery on an officer and possession of heroin. He has been booked into Palm Beach County Jail with a bond of $3,500.

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