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Man Slides Down Laundry Chute, Arrested

A man is arrested after he slid down a 3rd floor hotel laundry chute, injuring his head, he is arrested by the police due to a warrant

Johnathan Craig Safford
Johnathan Craig Safford, Flagler County Sheriff's Office

On Saturday, March 18th, 35-year-old Johnathan Craig Safford slid down a laundry chute on the third floor of Hampton Inn & Suites Palm Coast, located in Palm Coast, Flordia.

The arrest report stated at approximately at about 11:10 p.m Johnathan allegedly dived into the laundry chute from the third floor and landed into the laundry basket, possibly head first.

Johnathan was discovered by the hotel staff, and suffered a small bleeding cut on the back of his head as well as a swollen ankle

Johnathan Craig Safford was arrested and charged with an out of county warrant, as he was wanted in Marion County for parole violation

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