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Dog Thrown Off Balcony After Argument

A woman's boyfriend threw her pet dog off their 7th floor apartment after an argument, he took the dead body of pet with him

Dog thrown off balcony, Apartment
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On Friday, March 17th, a pet dog died after it was thrown off an apartment balcony in Queens, New York, the pet was thrown following a heated argument between boyfriend and girlfriend.

35-year-old Yak Lung Cheung has been accused of throwing his girlfriend's, 36-year-old Jennifer Chan's pet dog off her 7th-floorr apartment located at 135-11 40th Road, Flushing. 

The quarrel began at 7:30pm between the couple, Jennifer told Yak “why he keeps coming back” to her apartment, a heated argument ensued. Yak grabbed Jennifer's pet dog and launched it out the apartment window, he ran from the apartment and went down the stairs, he grabbed the dead body of the animal off the street before fleeing.

Jennifer called the police at 11pm, one person witnessed the incident.

The police are currently searching for Yak Lung Cheung to bring him in for questioning.

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