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Daughter Assaults Mother With A Cheeseburger

Mother is assaulted by her daughter with a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds, Daughter escaped police

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On Sunday afternoon, March 19th, a 60-year-old mother was assaulted by her 39-year-old daughter with a cheeseburger at a McDonalds located in 21st Street and Shadeland Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.

At approximately 12:30 pm officers of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department received a report of a fight at a McDonalds involving cheeseburgers.

The police officer's arrived at the scene and found 60-year-old mother crying in her car bruised and covered in ketchup, mustard and pickles.

The mother and daughter were arguing in their car whilst driving through the drive thru, the daughter told the mother that she "wanted her to die", the mother stated she could no longer live in her home. The 60-year-old mother took her granddaughter inside the McDonalds to use the bathroom.

When she returned to the car, her daughter took a bite out of her cheeseburger before yelling 'B**** I outta kill you' and launching her hand with her burger towards her mother striking the 60-year-old grandmother in the face. The assault left the mother covered in burger residue, the left side of her face suffered swelling and was redder than her right.

The daughter got into another driver's vehicle and escaped the scene, the Police are currently looking for the suspect

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