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Woman Escapes From Trunk And Flees Kidnappers

A woman managed to escape her kidnappers by jumping out of a car trunk as it was exiting a gas station

woman escapes kidnappers from trunk
Woman flees her Kidnappers, LiveLeak

On Tuesday, March 14th, a 25-year-old woman managed to free herself after she was caged in the trunk of a car by her kidnapper, the kidnapping took place in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sgt. Bryan Shelton, told that the 25-year-old woman was taken earlier that day at approximately 10:30 pm. Her kidnapper spotted her outside of her apartment, 4th Avenue South and 38th Street in Birmingham's Avondale neighbourhood. the suspect pointed a gun at her and demanded money, he forced her into the trunk of their Nissan Altima when she claimed she had no money.

The victim claimed that the kidnapper took her cell phone and wallet before she was forced into the back of the vehicle.

At 11:40 pm the suspect stopped at Gas Land on Bessemer road,10 miles from where the woman was kidnapped. The suspect tried to withdraw cash from the ATM at the gas station using the victim’s debit card but failed to do so. The store owner became suspicious of the man as he tried to take out more money than he had and it looked as though he had a pistol on him.

As the suspect got back into the car and began to drive off, the trunk popped open and the victim fled from the trunk and into the store. The store owner immediately locked the front door and contacted the police.

The victim claimed that she was driven to multiple ATM’s where the suspect withdrew her money from her account.

 The victim had a small number of cuts and was treated for them at a local hospital.

The Birmingham Police Department, have not yet apprehended the suspect and are still investigating the kidnapping.

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