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Neighbour Accused Of Stealing And Selling Pet Monkey

A man in Florida has been accused of stealing and selling his neighbor's pet monkey

Oscar Leiva, Miami-Dade County Jail

On Sunday, February 26th,  21-year-old Oscar Leiva, of Homestead, Florida, was arrested after he allegedly stole and sold his neighbor's, Vanessa Di Gennaro's, pet monkey.

Reports reveal that the Homestead Police Department were called to the 400 block of Southeast 8th Street after Vanessa reported that her white tufted marmoset monkey, named Zoe was missing.

The monkey was out in her backyard, while she was cleaning inside her home, when she went out to check on her, Zoe was missing. She posted fliers for her missing monkey a witness claimed to have seen the monkey in Oscar's home. The witness reported that Leiva sold the pet monkey for $900.

The pet monkey was 2-years-old weighing less than 2 pounds, Vanessa had owned the monkey since it was 1 month old. The monkey's current value was estimated to be worth $2,900.

The monkey has not returned since Oscar was apprehended, Vanessa has offered $2,000 for the return of her pet monkey.

Oscar Leiva was arrested and charged with Grand Theft, he is being held at Miami-Dade County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

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