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Man Stabs Opposing Dog In Dog Fight

A man stabs his neighbor's dog over ten times in an attempt to separate the animals from a fight

Benjamin John Klongerbo
Benjamin John Klongerbo, Orange County Sheriff's Office

On Monday 6th February, 33-year-old Benjamin John Klongerbo was arrested after stabbing his neighbor's dog to death outside his home in Winter Park, Florida.

The incident started when Klongerbo's pit bull mix jumped over the fence and landed on the neighbor's property, Klongerbo's dog attacked the neighbor's dog, named Tiger.

Klongerbo asked for a knife from a witness, to help separate the dogs from fighting, once he had a knife in his hand he stabbed Tiger ten times leaving the neighbors pet dead.

Police from the Orange County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene and spotted Knllongerbo red and bloodied.

Benjamin John Klongerbo was arrested and charged with Animal Cruelty.

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