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Man With Mop Covering Face Seeks Egg

A man scares and entire family after he wears a mop on his head, and requests eggs

James Dizney Fields, Port St. Lucie Police

On Friday 13th January, 58-year-old James Dizney Fields,  Port St. Lucie, Florida, was arrested after he left a whole family terrified when he wore a mop over his head a asked them for eggs.

The victim reported to Port St. Lucie police that at 8 pm, he heard banging on his front door, he went to answer the door, opened it and was terrified at what he saw. A man was standing there wearing a mop on his head as if it was a mask. 

The victim closed and locked the door after seeing the terrifying figure. Fields began banging on the windows whilst adorning the broken part of the mop. The family terrified refused to open the door whilst James repeatedly tried to gain their attention by ringing the doorbell.

The police were called to the scene, they searched the grounds and spotted Fields standing in his garage throwing papers on a fire. They asked Fields why he was scaring his neighbors, he told the police, “Because I was born a comedian … and I liked to tease people … I was short of an egg and needed eggs to make a cake.”

James Dizney Fields was arrested and charged with disturbing the peace.

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