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Man Covers Up Burglary By Calling 911, Fails

Jeffery Allen Davis calls the police in an attempt his involvement in the crime, he soon becomes the prime suspect

Jefferey Allen Dove
Jefferey Allen Dove, Marion County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday 17th January, 27-year-old Jefferey Allen Dove noticed neighbors home was empty, he took the opportunity to burglarize the house and then call the police to notify them the house was left unsecured.

On Sunday, 8th January, the victim left his home and went to a local hospital where he remained for a few days.

Jefferey noticed the empty home broke into the home and stole several items, including computers, jewelry and a set of leather snake-head bracelets, which totaled $1,400. After stealing the items Jefferey dialed 911 and told the police of the home being a potential robbery target as it was left unsecured.

The victim arrived back to home and discovered several of his possessions missing, he notified the police. Jeffery met with the victim and gave several of his stolen items back claiming to have bought them from several people around town.

The police investigated the incident and used the victim's neighbors surveillance camera which spotted Jeffery breaking into the victims home. Officers concluded that Jeffery used the phone call to the police to act as a concerned neighbor to cover up his criminal activity.

Jefferey Allen Dove was arrested and charged with Burglary of an Unoccupied Dwelling and Grand Theft, he was taken to  Marion County Jail  and held on a $7,000 bond.

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