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Police Find Ladies Shoes And False Teeth In A Stolen Car

A drunken woman asks police officer if they could help her find her teeth and shoes, officers find her belongings in a stolen car

Lindsay Jean Stanley-McShane
Lindsay Jean Stanley-McShane, Lake County Sheriff’s Office

On Friday 13th January, 31-year-old Lindsay Jean Stanley-McShane had lost her tennis shoes and her false teeth, she requested police officers to aid her in finding her missing property. 

Police officers of Lake County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Parkinsonia Street in the town of Lady Lake, Florida, at 1 am after they received reports of a suspicious individual trying to enter homes. They spotted Lindsay in the area, she requested the officer to help her in finding her missing false teeth and pink tennis shoes, the officers obliged .  after searching the local area the police managed to find her belongings in a gray Kia which had run out of gas and had been left with the lights on and door open. After inspecting the vehicle police discovered the car had been stolen from Marion County.

Lindsay quickly grabbed her belongings and claimed to only have been a passenger in the vehicle. The police described Lindsay as “seemed to be on drugs,”.

Lindsay Jean Stanley-McShane was arrested, she received charges of stealing a car and possessing a stolen vehicle.

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