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Man Used Device To Cover License Plate At Tolls

A man has been charged with a felony after using a device which blocks his license plate, so he doesn't have to pay toll fines

Joshua Concepcion West, Orange County Jail

A device which comes straight out of a James Bond Movie was used by 27-year-old Joshua Concepcion West.

The device is a license plate holder which by the press of a button on the car keys can draw down a curtain over the driver's license plate obscuring cameras from being able to identify the car.

On Wednesday 11th January, Joshua was spotted driving towards downtown Orlando via the Conway Toll Plaza. Florida Highway Patrol was following behind Joshua as he was driving through the toll road, the state trooper noticed the driver's license plate being covered up before he went past the camera. He was arrested on site.

Sgt. Kim Montes, with the Florida Highway Patrol, said, "Kind of James Bond-like, where this device is activated remotely,".

The device which is sold online for around $150 saved Joshua from paying a $1.25 toll. Joshua Concepcion West has been charged with petit theft and a felony of gross fraud.

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