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Man Jailed For Having Sex With His Pitbull

A man from Florida has been arrested after his family member caught him having sex with his dog, she claims it went on for years

Bradley Jean Hubbard
Bradley Jean Hubbard, Escambia County Jail

On Monday 9th January, 23-year-old Bradley Jean Hubbard of Pensacola, Florida, was arrested for allegedly having sex with his pit bull, a family member who alerted police of the sexual activity stated it has been happening for years. 

Bradley who lived with his Father and his father's girlfriend at their home on Pelham Road. A family member who claims that Bradley would have sex with the family pet, named 'Baby Girl', for the past three years.

She states that Bradley began the sexual activity by taking the pit bull into this room and locking the door she would hear the pit bull cry in pain and yelp, slowly the pit bull made less noise as it became acclimated to the abuse. the abuse went on for several years and Bradley had sex with the pitbull an estimated hundred times or more. 

The witness claimed she peaked into a hole in the door and saw Bradley in the act. She did not contact the police before as she did not want to get Bradley into trouble with the law.

On December 28th the family member was holding 'Baby Girl' on her lap when Bradley entered the room grabbed the pet pit bull from the family member and took the dog into his room. The family member claimed to have heard noises of the bed squeaking and Bradley grunting and moaning. at that point she had enough of the dogs torture so she contacted Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

Bradleys's father denied abuse of the dog and claimed the family member who reported the incident to be "Crazy" but when the dog underwent medical examinations the animal's genitals showed signs consistent with abuse.

Bradley Jean Hubbard was arrested and charged with engaging in sexual conduct with an animal and causing death, pain or suffering to an animal, he is currently being held at Escambia County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

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