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Naked Burglar Looks For Sesame Seeds For His Burger

A naked man breaks into a home in search of sesame seeds to top his burger, possibly high on synthetic marijuana

Martin Reed Henderson
Martin Reed Henderson, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

In the early hours of Thursday 5th January, naked 48-year-old Martin Reed Henderson was attempting to break into a mobile home, located in Largo, florida, by using a butter knife in search for sesame seeds to place on top of his burger.

At 2:30 am Martin was outside the home of William Roland and his girlfriend armed with a butter knife. He was using the kitchen utensil to pry open the door of the mobile home on Seminole Boulevard.

He successfully broke into the home, William, told FOX13 that he woke up and saw Martin naked wondering in his kitchen area, he said, "I get up, I see this guy, because I only had my night light on in the kitchen. I thought it was a woman because he had long hair, and he was all nude. I thought it was a woman because he had a pot belly,”.

William alerted Martin of his presence and requested for him to leave his property, Martin refused to do so, that's when things took a turn for the worse. William grabbed Martin by the neck and forcefully removed ejected him from his home.

William called the police and Martin as arrested, Martin later admitted to taking synthetic marijuana. 

Martin Reed Henderson was charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief, he is currently being held at Pinellas County Jail on a bond totaling $15,150.

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