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Woman Impersonates An Inmate Is Set Free

A female inmate uses another woman'ss document and is set free after successfully impersonating an inmate

Jessica Davis,  Impersonator Jessica Arnott
Jessica Davis (right),  Impersonator Jessica Arnott (left),  Clay County Sheriff's Office

On Monday, 9th January, 28-year-old Jessica Arnott made her escape from Clay County Detention Centre, located in Green Cove Springs, Florida, after impersonating another inmate.

Jessica Arnott impersonated fellow inmate Jessica Davis and managed to escape by wearing her clothes and using her paperwork. Jessica Davis posted her $752 bond after she received a simple battery charge. Jessica Arnott, who had a lengthier sentence after assaulting her __ with a machete, somehow got a hold of Davis' paperwork, her clothes and made her escape.

Jessica Davis in an interview with WJAX-TV said, "She had on my jeans, boots, even down to my bra". Arnott signed Davis' name and convinced jail staff of her false identity.

Jessica Arnott managed to be free from the jail facility for over and hour and a half before Davis' mom noticed that Arnott was wearing her daughters clothes and told the authorities.

Jessica Arnott was caught and re-arrested and faces escape and grand theft charges.

Sheriff Darryl Daniels released a statement, “I am incensed that this occurred and the necessary discipline will be administered. There appears to have been a procedural breakdown based on a human factor.”

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